A guide to winter running

Winter Running Guide, With Our Best Tips

Cold winter weather may bring with it pristine stillness that amplifies mother nature's beauty, but it also brings short days and inclement weather. Here at Bookman, we come from the land of polar nights, meaning we know a thing or two about running in the cold. Here we give you the lowdown on how to dress for winter running and how to ensure you stay visible in the dark depths of winter with our unique lighting and reflective solutions.

6 Tips on How to Dress For Winter Running

We believe that the elements should never be a barrier to exercise. Running is one of the most satisfying activities, and is especially so in winter. But this time of year also presents us with a set of unique challenges, and to fully enjoy it we need to combat cold, inclement weather and short dark days. If you're dreaming of losing yourself to the sound of the soft meditative crunch of your stride on the snow, then here's the lowdown on the gear you'll need to stay warm and safe during the winter running season to achieve just that.

1) Don't Dress Too Warm 

Lights and reflectors for visibility

Cold is a relative term, and even if the weather is frigid outside, that doesn't mean you'll still feel cold 15 minutes into your run. It's easy to be fooled by cold temperatures, and as a result, many runners start out with too much clothing. They soon overheat and begin sweating excessively — a combination you'll want to avoid in cold weather.

It's important to dress for the latter part of your run. In fact, many runners aim to dress for temperatures that are 5°C warmer than it actually is. Know that the initial unpleasantness will soon wear off as you get up to speed. Be prepared to feel the cold during the first 10 minutes of your run and allow the body to regulate and adapt to the temperatures as you get going.

2) Dress in Layers

Layering is the ideal way to dress for winter running. It's always preferable to dress in thin layers that you can whip off as you heat up. Layering also has the added advantage of trapping air between layers, in what provides additional warmth over one layer alone. 

A long-sleeved shirt and an outer shell that offers protection from the wind and rain are good starting points, but consider adding an additional base layer for those particularly cold days.

3) Protect Your Extremities

As the temperature drops, our bodies prioritize keeping our cores warm to protect our essential organs. This means that body parts on the extremities will often be the first to succumb to the cold. Whether it's your fingers, toes or ears, make sure you preempt this with a pair of gloves, thick socks and a headband or hat. We lose most of our body heat through our heads, so an insulating layer here gives us double savings.

4) Jackets and Vests

Wearable reflectors and lights for runners

Windchill can be a major factor on winter runs. A lightweight and windproof jacket can be a godsend in helping protect against exceedingly low temperatures or biting winds. Wearing one over a vest or long-sleeved shirt as a base layer will help provide extra insulation. 

It's also important to consider a jacket with a breathable fabric on the back. Such jackets provide insulation where you need it most and prevent you from sweating excessively under the arms and back.

5) Stay Visible

Maybe one of the most important things, staying safe and visible. It's what we do best at Bookman, and our line of lighting and reflective solutions serve as a stylish addition to your winter running kit that'll help you stand out in low light. Lightweight, convenient, and user friendly with exceptional technical qualities, here's what we offer to perk up your kit. 

Clip, Grip and Eclipse

Eclipse wearable lights for runners

Our Eclipse lights are our wearable lighting solution for runners. They come with an easy-to-use and secure clip that can be attached to clothing or backpacks quickly and securely. Each light is equipped with both a red and white LED meaning you can switch between back and front as required for optimal visibility in low-light conditions. 

Water-resistant, rechargeable, and with a runtime of up to 60 hours, the Eclipse is a reliable companion for winter runners.

Bookman's Clip-on Reflectors: The Convenient Protector

For those who simply want to stand out among passing traffic, then our Clip-On Reflectors provide a convenient and effortless method of increasing your roadside safety while running. 

They come with strong magnetic tips that attach securely around whatever you're wearing. Designed for ultimate convenience, they provide a cost-effective way to stand out in style this winter.

Clip-On reflectors for runners

Strap and Snap with our Snap Band Reflectors

Our Snap Band Reflectors provide much-needed 360-degree visibility for winter runners. Regardless of the clothing you wear, our reflectors are specially designed to fit securely and tightly around it. Simply snap them around your arms or legs, and you're good to go. Perfect for running, they provide that additional layer of protection in the fading light on winter evenings.

Snap band reflectors for running, cycling and walking

6) Choose Clothing That helps You Regulate Your Temperature

Whether you're running uphill or downhill, under the protective canopy of a forest, or over open and exposed mountains, your effort levels will generally vary substantially throughout your run.

To help you regulate, a top layer with a zipper will always provide an easy method to help regulate your body temperature as it fluctuates with effort level.

A neck gaiter is another useful piece of winter clothing that enables easy regulation. Simply pulling it up over your face when things get too old allows you to insulate your face, neck, and ears from the biting air. A neck gaiter will also warm the air that you breathe and help bring relief from the cold freezing air hitting the back of your throat as your breathing becomes heavy.

Wrapping Up This Winter

With the tips mentioned above, there's no reason to put your winter training on hold. With the proper clothing, layered with breathable fabrics that are insulated where required, you can flourish in even the most frigid winter climates. And of course, with Bookman, we're on hand to help ensure you stay safe and visible out there with our refined and stylish reflective and lighting solutions. For more information on our entire range of products, feel free to check out our line of innovative solutions over on our website!

Stay safe, stay free and stay healthy this winter!