We're proud to presents the new and updated version of the popular bike light – Curve Front Light 2. It has several new functions and improvements and comes in fresh color palette!

  • Output of 100 lumen
  • USB rechargeable
  • 2.5 - 35 hours of runtime
  • Easy to mount and operate
  • Fits diameters from 22 to 42 mm
  • Smart battery indicator
  • Completely weatherproof

    Smart battery indicator
    We have revamped the functions of the battery indicator and it now signals both when the light is on and when the light is turned off.

    Easier to operate
    The new Curve Front is super easy to operate. Switch between on and off by pressing down the button for 0.7 s. Changing modes is done with one quick press of the button.

    The new Curve Front is 25% brighter than the previous version, producing 100 lumen on the brightest setting.

    Improved fit for all handlebars
    A thicker friction pad and a more elastic rubber band makes sure the light fits perfectly on
    handlebars from 22 mm to 42 mm.

    Color scheme
    Black / Black
    Gray / Acid Yellow
    Neon Coral Pink / Dark Blue
    Petrol Green / Neon Hot Pink