Holiday gift guide

Holiday gift guide

Some gift inspiration for the people you care about 

By giving away a visibility product, you show your loved ones that you care about them and want them to stay visible and safe. In our gift guide we give you some inspiration on how to find the perfect gift for the right person. 

Gifts for the urban runner

If your friend loves running (or maybe need an extra push during winter) they will love the Monocle headlamp and Eclipse for active safety but also to see where they are heading on the trail or darker roads. Combine with Snap Band Reflectors for extra safety.

Christmas gifts for the runner

Bookman snap band reflectors on runner

Gifts for the dedicated cyclist 

Whether your friend is a dedicated road racer or an occasional cyclist we think they will love the Block Lights. If you think they need some more power and battery life, check out the Curve Lights.

If you are feeling extra generous add some reflective stickers to the package.

Christmas gifts for the cyclist

Bookman Block Light on handle bar

Gifts for the kids 

Maybe your children aren't big fans of your oldschool set of reflectors? The glowing light from the Lightsticks Kids will definitely make an adventure out of the evening stroll. Combine with the certified reflectors in their favourite animal shape. 

Christmas gifts for the kids

Gifts for those who have everything

Even if they say "they already have everything" we think there's a big chance they need to improve on thier visibility. We got reflectors in different shapes and colors and why not the glowing lightstick which is rechargeable and long-lasting.

Glowing Lightstick on jacket

Hanging reflector on jacket

Gifts for parents

Hunting for gifts for parents? Our wearable light Eclipse is a great way to add some extra visibility to the baby stroller. Or why not decorate the stroller with some reflective stickers, our reflective leopard stickers adds both safety and camouflage in the urban jungle. 

Eclipse wearable light different colors

Reflective leopard stickers in packaging

Gifts for the style conscious 

They know they should use reflectors but don't want to sacrifice their style? Match their favourite clothes with reflectors in similar colors. Or give away a Lightstick in minimalistic design with a harmonious glow. 

Clip-on reflector on jacket

glowing lightstick on bag

Happy Holidays from the Bookman team!