Volume™ 1500

Volume™ 1500

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Targeted towards the most demanding cyclists, the Eurobike Award winning Volume™ 1500 sets a new standard for high performance bike lights. With 1500 lumens and the efficient beam pattern this light is amazingly powerful. It has a high capacity battery (4000 mAh) and the possibility to bring extra batteries for the ride, perfect for bike packing and long gravel rides. With the Power wheel (patent pending) the light is a dream to operate, also with gloves.

Equipped with the garmin mount standard and and allen key operated mount for the bar. A go-pro compatible adapter is included for attaching to a helmet mount or go-pro handlebar mount.

Volume 1500 is designed for durability and is equipped with an aluminium body for sturdiness and efficient heat dissipation.

Brightness1500 Lumen*
Day Time Flash modeYes
Battery (included)Custom 21700 Li-Ion
Battery capacity4000 mAh
Runtime SteadyFrom 3 to 34h
FasteningGarmin compatible mount
Charging USB-C
Water Resistane Yes, IPX5
Size119x40x42 mm (incl. dial and mount)
Warranty2 years
Lock ModeYes
Weight205 g
PatentPatent Pending


Steady ModesRuntime 
Flashing ModesRuntime 




* True Lumens: measured according to the ANSI / NEMA FL1 standard



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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Powerful, functional and classy lamp

Very practical lamp with intensity control via the selector rather than a button, I love it!
What's more, on long runs it's difficult to recharge the lights, so the fact that you can change the battery directly is really great - almost no other brand offers this and it's a real bonus!
The brackets supplied are practical and high quality!
Thank you for this great product!

Hi Arthur,
Thank you for your kind words, hope you have many great rides with the light! :))

// TEAM Bookman

Vedran Berkovic
Nice light

Pretty cool and practical. Volume knob is definitely super practical compared to traditional button for changing the brightness level. GoPro mount seems sturdy enough, bought this light specifically for use with integrated handlebar which only has upside down GoPro mount capability. Light temperature is a bit too white for my taste, could be a bit warmer.
Beam pattern not bad, although a bit too wide at first look, but lights the trail decently.
Light body itself is a bit bulky compared to Fenix BC26R for instance which uses the same battery and 50g heavier, I guess the extra material to make it thicker and square is the cool design trade-off.

Hi Vedran,
Thank you for your thoughtful opinions and review. We appreciate your feedback! :)

Jerry Gore
Winter alpine night riding fun!

The Volume 1500 works well in situations requiring warm winter gloves, whether for road, gravel or MTB, because it is so easy to control the brightness. Important, because to maximise battery life, it is best to switch to lower lumen levels when possible. On a full charge I could just about ride all night. I find the full 1500 lumen brightness is seldom necessary unless road cycling at speed. The 750 lumens setting is my go-to level of brightness and the stated 5 hours is about right.
I compared the light with a range of other bike lights and it beat the competiton at the 350 lumens setting. At this level I found I was still able to ride gravel and mtb in pitch black on narrow single tracks.
In terms of feel, build quality, and packaging, in my experience it does not get any better.
Mounting: On my MTB with a thick bar (30mm diameter) it fitted easily and quickly. Fixing the mount to my gravel bike handlebars did take me more than 10 minutes. Once mounted I liked the way you could move the light horizontally a few degrees from centre - R or L.
Battery charging: The light arrived at my house with two bars of battery life illuminated. So, I decided to run the battery right down and then I did a full battery charge, taking just over nine hours. What I didn't like is the fact that the battery will suddenly die at a particular setting when out of juice. I have to check the 4 battery charge levels and as soon as they get to only two I turn the light down a notch.

Dan Buettner
Great light!

Always fiddling with getting the right number of presses in on my old light, I love the simplicity of the knob for intensity adjustment. The runtime is fantastic. Bookman's handlebar Garmin-style mount is a beautifully simple design, a lot like the Magicshine but with an obvious improvement in attachment to improve strength and durability.

Only reason this light didn't get 5 stars from me is that it really wants a shroud extending slightly forward past the top of the lens, to keep the glare the lens from interfering with your night vision as you sit behind it. At the highest settings, there really is a lot of glare. I fashioned a shroud myself; it sounds like others such as The Radavist's reviewer have done the same.

Overall, however, a great product.

Matt Porter
Love this light!

Not tested to its fullest as yet as I haven’t ridden in the dark.
Have been using on flash mode for a few hours whilst riding and the battery is still full!

I’ll be testing to capacity later in the year with a 14 hour ride.

Really solid construction

Smooth operator

No more fidgeting with tiny buttons. Use the Power Wheel for instant change of power.

High-performance bike lights with a game-changing way of operation

Whether you’re exploring rural roads, hitting the gravel trails, or embarking on long commutes, Volume™ will keep your ride illuminated all the way.

Say goodbye to fidgeting with tiny buttons. Inspired by the Hi-Fi world, Volume’s Power wheel (patent pending) provides a quick and intuitive way to operate the light. Adjusting the brightness is as simple as changing the volume on your stereo and switches between five different levels. A quick push of the top button toggles between flashing and steady light.

Volume is available in two models – Volume™ 800 (800 Lumens) with a 18650 Li-ion 3200 mAh battery and Volume™ 1500 (1500 Lumens) with a 21700 Li-Ion 4000 mAh battery. Both models are USB-C rechargeable and have replaceable custom batteries, making it easy to recycle the battery at the end of its life. The replaceability feature also allows you to bring an extra battery for extra long rides, doubling up on your safety.

Our light beam is designed to deliver optimal illumination exactly where it’s needed. The elliptical shape eliminates dark spots and the capped edge ensures that oncoming traffic won’t be blinded. Additional safety features such as a daytime flash mode, side-visibility windows, and easy operation makes Volume an essential tool for any rider looking to navigate the road with confidence and safety.



Inspired by the Hi-Fi world


Rechargeable (USB-C) Li-Ion battery



Sturdy mounting

Volume Bike Light in the press