Lightstick zipper light in angle
Lightstick zipper light from front
Lightstick zipper light on bag
Lightstick zipper light on bag
Light for traffic safety Lightstick zipper light black on jacket
Bookman Urban Visibility Lightstick zipper light black on jacket
Lightstick zipper light from back
Lightstick zipper light in packaging
Lightstick zipper light in angle
Lightstick zipper light for stroller dogs and walking
Lightstick zipper light on bag
Lightstick zipper light on bag
Lightstick zipper light on jacket
Lightstick zipper light on back
Lightstick zipper light in packaging
Lightstick zipper light in angle
Lightstick zipper light in packaging
Lightstick zipper light in angle
Lightstick zipper light in packaging


Sale price €19.90

The Glowing Visibility Lightstick has an elegant 360-degree glow to make you visible and safe in traffic. Whether you’re on the way to the subway, out with the dog, or want your kids to be safer outside, the Lightstick makes you be seen by others from afar.

Lightstick is available in several stylish colors.

Compared to regular reflectors, the Lightstick is visible without an external light source, such as car headlights. The high-quality build means it’s waterproof and sturdy. While the clip means you can attach it securely on your jacket zipper, bag or your dog’s collar.

To reduce the risk of a sudden blackout, the Lightstick is equipped with a smart power control that automatically reduces brightness. By lowering the battery usage, the light will fade to maximize runtime.

For Lightstick Bookman Urban Visibility has been awarded Honorable Mention Prize in European Products Design Award.

Lightstick awarded European Product Design Award

Water resistant
Rechargeable with Micro-USB
Different modes
Fade out function

Up to 13 hours

Package contents
1 x Lightstick 

70 x 15 mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
J. Nyla
Easy to lose

Beautiful tool: however, I’ve lost two. It’s a lot of money to drop for lights this size. Clip is unreliable. If I were smarter about these I’d put them on S-lock hooks.

Tony P
Buy only IF you want YELLOW tinted light

These Lightsticks have very strong yellow tinted light. Compared to the product images it seems that the clear plastic has aged poorly.

And Bookman, c'mon - please do not remove negative reviews again. Just sell the old stock with honesty and cleareance discount, then iterate on your material choises.

Alice Baucke

I really like this concept. I live in a US city with 3 kids where drivers seem intent on running you over daily. These won’t stop it but at least they won’t be able to say they didn’t see you in court. They are the perfect size for clipping on zippers. I replaced the connectors on some with a much higher quality carabiner. That said none have been lost even those with the original clip. I can’t get the charger port cover to close on any. I find it bizarre that these things cost $25. I’m fairly certain the price has been raised since I ordered because I have 5 and I want to believe I didn’t spent $125 on these. I wouldn’t buy these again even though the style is nicer than others I’ve seen. But I love the ghost and animal shape reflectors for the kids backpacks. I plan to order more for other bags and friends.

Very Bad Customer Service, Poor Quality Control.

I ordered 2 lightsticks and both came with a severely yellowed light section instead of the clear-frosted appearance it is supposed to be. First and most importantly, it affects the lighting performance, making the light appear very dim and dark yellow. This completely defeats the purpose of the light and although I understand the orders come from a warehouse, it is the team's responsibility to prevent defective items from being shipped to customer. Secondly, it is obvious that the cover material on the light section is not suitable for its use, or maybe needs to be further quality tested.

When I emailed to ask for help, "customer service" (Using that term on them is truly shameful) 2 weeks to ask me if I wanted a 50% off refund or exchange.. which I asked for an exchange. Now, all I want is a refund since I will never use or recommend their products to any cyclist or commuter again. The last email from them was on 4th Dec and today is the 15th. I have sent 2 separate emails to ask for help since 4th Dec and have still not received any response.

In the first email, it mentioned that the initial delay in reply was due to Black Friday, but this is not a reasonable timeframe either. Either hire ACTUAL customer service staff, or find a way to run your independent business like a professional.
I am not sure how this team could sleep at night knowing that they are hustling their customers this way.


purchased two months ago and with light usage, not even daily, the on/off button has stopped working. unit still charges fine. very poor reliability. would not recommend for what is an expensive "premium" product.

Hi Naveen,
We are sorry that you recieved a product that didn't work properly. The button issue has been resolved.
We offered you a replacement or a refund and you have now recieved a refund.
Thank you and have a nice weekend!