Volume™ Bike Lights

Eurobike Award Winner! Ground breaking new performance bike lights.
Volume bike light patented turning dial

Patented Power wheel

Inspired by the Hi-Fi world


Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Bike light with replaceable and rechargeable battery #color_black


Eurobike Award

Under the bar

Multiple attachment options

Volume bike light powerful beam pattern

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Available in 1500 lumen and 800 lumen versions.
Volume Bike Light in the press

Free Rear Light

Limited Summer Bundle: get a Curve Rear Light for free! Just add one Volume light and one Curve Rear Light to your cart. The discount will be applied automatically in the checkout. Can not be combined with other discounts.

Rear Light For Free

Curve Rear Light

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Volume 1500 or Volume 800?

Which light should I get? While both options share most of the features they differ in some aspects:

  • Power: 1500 lumen vs 800 lumen.
  • Casing: Durable aluminum casing vs lightweight plastic
  • Battery capacity: 4000mAh vs 3200mAh
  • Colors: Volume 800 is available in 3 color options
  • Size and weight: 800 version is smaller and lighter.
  • Price.

In general, if you are a dedicated cyclist that need a lot of power for really dark roads or gravel paths, especially at high speed the Volume 1500 model would be the best choice. For more details check out the product page of each product page.

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