We want to contribute to a better environment by inspiring more people to take up biking. In addition to that, we also want to reduce the company’s impact on the planet. Recently we have been doing a couple of things that we believe are steps in the right direction.

We just recently released the USB Light that reduces the use of batteries. In June we made the conscious decision to start using a climate neutral shipping service for all outgoing shipments from our warehouse in Stockholm. It means that we invest in buying carbon credits to compensate for our shipping emissions.

Our latest project is to reduce our impact on the environment by changing the material in some of our products. We are happy to announce that all our future orders of Bookman Light Pitch Black will be made in recycled plastic thus reducing our impact on the environment.  The next step in this project is to find recycled materials for the other colors as well.

Do you have any ideas on what we could do to become greener? Please send a message to