This March Bookman launches its Cycling T-shirt, a garment created for the urban bicyclist. It is designed to give the wearer a sophisticated look, on and off the bicycle. It has several features to improve the riding experience as well as to increase the wearer’s safety in night traffic.

The Cycling T-shirt has two useful pockets, a chest pocket and a hidden back pocket with zipper. The chest pocket has a buttoned strap to prevent things from falling out when leaning forward, yet it’s easy to access when the wearer needs to fiddle with their phone. The hidden back pocket is perfect for carrying small things such as cards and coins. The sleeves of the T-shirt are  equipped with inner reflective bands – easy to reveal by folding them up.

The Cycling T-shirt has a casual fit with an extended back and ventilation holes for a more comfortable ride. It is cut from high quality cotton for a soft and premium feel.

Comes in Black, Cerulean Blue and French Grey.