We are proud to present BOOKMAN Light for The Amplifetes. A collaboration for their new single release, Where is the Light. It is a slick black on black color theme complete with a flashy, lustrous packaging. Will be available for purchase in connection to The Amplifetes concerts and on the bands website.
The Amplifetes are a 4-piece band from Sweden. They have worked with such names as Kelis, Madonna, Grandmaster Flash, Miike Snow, Peter Bjorn and John, and more. Starting in the music industry as producers, all four were accomplished songwriters and musicians who came together in 2008 to create their own music. The Amplifetes cite a dreamy list of influences: 60s Psychedelia, The Electric Light Orchestra, The Ramones, Elvis Costello, David Bowie and Chicago Trax Records.
Their forthcoming album “Where Is The Light” ignites a new chapter since their debut album in 2010.
Created in the depth of a nordic forest. Recorded with a strict dogma of analog machinery. Filtered through a mixing console once owned by Pink Floyd. The Amplifetes second album is about to be released. We can see clearly now. Where is the light?