Study Colors is our new color concept that consists of the colors Sixpence Orange and Oxbridge Red. It is a concept referring to the origin of the brand name and is inspired by books, the act of reading and England’s heritage.

Sixpence Orange is a positive and happy color. It is a striking spring color that invokes warmth and energy. This particular shade is inspired by Penguin Books (designed by Edward Young), the company that revolutionized publishing in the 1930’s by making literature affordable to the masses. Since its paperbacks were only a sixpence, Penguin created a new generation hungry for literature that would of otherwise have been unaffordable.

Oxbridge, a term coined originally by William Thackeray, is interpreted into a sophisticated, rich tone of red that is associated with intellectuality and enjoying the best of life. It is the color of the old fashioned leather bound books from the university libraries that the term was founded upon. It is the glass of port, drunk by the fire in an old English country house. It is a color for the elegant and classy.X