Craft collaboration with Bookman

Bookman in collaboration with sportswear brand Craft

Launches lightweight headlamp for runners

As a result of a close collaboration with fashion-tech brand Bookman, Craft can expand its high-performance product range with the new headlamp, especially designed for runners. The headlamp is lightweight yet powerful and comes with a minimalistic, small-sized design for simplicity and minimum bouncing.

"We are really excited about helping Craft add active lighting to its strong range of sportswear. At Bookman we focus a lot on user-friendliness, safety and quality, but the minimalist Scandinavian design is perhaps the most distinct feature of our products," - Victor Kabo, Co-Founder of Bookman

 "We are continuously working to expand our offer with new product groups within our key categories. Adding Craft Headlamp and active lighting to our range is a big step in our ambition to be a comprehensive supplier of functional sportswear and gear." - Daniel Högling, Product & Marketing Director of Craft

Craft headlamp from angle

Lightweight and rechargeable

The Craft Headlamp is based on Monocle - a lightweight and rechargeable headlamp, designed for high-intensity workouts in low-light conditions. Its small size and light weight minimize bouncing and make it a perfect choice for running, cross-country skiing and similar sports. The headlamp offers three modes with brightness from 225 to 35 lumens and comes with stepless angle adjustment, which means you can point it exactly where you need to.

Craft headlamp on man

Craft headlamp running in low light

About Bookman Urban Visibility

Bookman Urban Visibility is a Swedish brand within fashion tech that makes innovative visibility products for design-conscious people to see and be seen in traffic. Bookman creates a full range of visibility products such as lights and reflectors for both cyclists, runners and pedestrians, with their products already available in top retailers in 30 countries.

About Craft

Craft is a Swedish brand specializing in clothing and gear for endurance sports where performance and comfort are crucial for optimal result. Working closely with elite athletes and constantly developing new materials and technical solutions, Craft offers innovative training and competition apparel and footwear for world champions and everyday heroes.

The Craft headlamp is available at and our Monocle headlamp can you find here