Bookman launches a lightweight, yet powerful headlamp

Bookman launches a lightweight, yet powerful headlamp

Bookman today launched its all-new Monocle Headlamp. A stylish, compact and lightweight rechargeable headlamp. Specially designed for running in lowlight conditions.

Ideal for when you need to see where you’re going and to stay safe in traffic. The Monocle has a bright 225 lumens, a focused beam for optimized for running. Its small size and low weight make it easy to carry and minimize bouncing, and it’s all encased in a clean, minimalistic rectangular shape. It comes in three different colors to complement your running outfit.

Rechargeable headlamp

“We all know running in low light can be dangerous, both with traffic and obstacles on the path, especially at dusk when visibility is at its lowest. However, traditional headlamps are often bulky and heavy, meaning they’re not being used by runners as often as they should be.”

“With the Monocle, we wanted to create the ultimate runner’s headlamp that is high performing, lightweight and simple to use – yet stylish enough, so that runners would be proud to wear them and that would go well together with the latest urban running fashion.”
-Victor Kabo – Co-founder/Brand Manager, Bookman, Stockholm.

Powerful and lightweight headlamp

The Monocle headlamp features stepless angle adjustment, so you can point it exactly where you need to, and it has three modes, 100%, 50% and 15%, for ideal brightness in all conditions and to maximize battery life. It has an adjustable strap so it sits comfortably and securely on the head, and the reflective pattern makes the runner extra visible in traffic. The single button is easy to operate, also with gloves on.

Holding the on/off button on the Monocle locks the light and reduces the risk of it accidently switching on when carried in a bag. And with a fully rechargeable battery with up to 11 hours of life, you can be sure it will brighten up your outdoor activities when you need it most. With its low weight and simple operation, Monocle will let you focus on your stride.

Headlamp in action

Monocle is now available for preorders with first delivery expected in October. Read more about Monocle here!