Curve Light is perfect for all cyclists

Bookman launches all-new colour schemes

The long summer days may be a cyclists paradise, but as the evening light wanes earlier with each passing day, staying visible is as important as ever. Bookman design and manufacture premium lighting and reflective solutions for urban cyclists that do just that. And what's more, Bookman has just released them in an all-new colour scheme.

To add to their line of high-quality bicycle accessories, Bookman has incorporated a new range of attractive colours that add a splash of vibrancy to their dependable range of lighting solutions. Their front and back lighting in slick, stylish, and affordable designs coupled with reflectors, all help ensure maximum safety in the urban environment with no compromise on style.


Exciting Lighting Solutions in All-new Colours 

Bookman's Block Light. The rechargeable front and rear lights incorporate a sleek lens design in a compact, robust build honed for ease of use and maximum visibility. With multiple modes of operation, Bookman's Block Lights help urban and roads cyclists alike stand out in the twilight hour, and they now come available in the all-new stylish colours of green and beige.

Bookman's Curve Curve Lights incorporate a unique curved design that disperses light for optimal frontal and lateral illumination. Now available in attractive orange and green, they come complete with a 220-lumen rating, a quick-charging mechanism, long battery life, and four modes of operation.

Bookman's Eclipse is the wearable lighting solution for runners, cyclists, and walkers alike. Now available in new green and beige colour schemes, they're the lighting solution that truly eclipses. With a secure clip, these easy-to-use discs attach onto clothing or backpacks to help ensure the wearer stands out in low light. Lightweight and compact, and with a 60-hour runtime, they provide easily packable convenience for urban warriors.


Stand Out Against the Backdrop

Bookman's Clip-on Reflectors incorporate wearable magnetic reflectors in aesthetically pleasing designs in all-new orange and green colour schemes. Designed for convenience, each reflector bonds securely around clothing to help ensure that walkers, runners, and cyclists stand out among passing traffic. 

Be Seen To Be Safe

Affordable, stylish, reliable and robust, Bookman's lighting and reflective solutions help ensure that those pursuing an active lifestyle in the urban environment remain visible and safe. With the goal of making our cities safe and desirable places to live an active lifestyle, Bookman leads the way in producing ever more innovative and stylish lighting solutions with aesthetics that truly stand apart.