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Bookman launches new range of kids’ visibility products

A whole new category of visibility products specially devoted to Kids

Launching with three hero products – Reflective Stickers, Soft Reflectors and the Lightstick – they offer same high quality, safety and design as the regular line, while offering more fun and playful aesthetics.

“For us, safety is number one. We wanted to expand our current offering with an entire new range of visibility products that would be specifically designed for kids, but without any compromise. Which is why when launching this kid’s line, we made sure to put in the same quality, technology and durability as what we have for the adults but gave the products more playful and colorful designs that would be more appealing and fun for kids to use.”

Victor Kabo – Co-founder/Brand Manager, Bookman, Stockholm.

Bookman zipper light for kids ghost pink

Soft Adventure Reflectors

These reflectors are designed to protect your kids in the dark. Built up by simple and playful geometrical shapes, these colorful characters and animals will definitely add safety thanks to their certified (EN13356 Standard) reflective capabilities. Featuring an attachable clasp and string that will easily secure them to clothing, backpacks or a baby stroller. Available in five colors.

Hanging reflectors kids on bag

Bookman Hanging reflectors bird blue in packaging

Reflective Adventure Stickers

These adhesive reflective stickers are a fun way to add some extra color and safety to their journey, letting them customize their bike and make them more visible in traffic. They can easily be attached to any frame, helmet or stroller. And their long lasting adhesiveness ensures they will stay on rain, hail or shine. Available in four colors that are combinable for playful designs.

Stickers on helmet

Bookman reflective stickers for kids in packaging

Lightstick for Kids

With an elegant 360° glow, this tiny, rechargeable and waterproof light makes your kids more visible for a far. This kid’s version has the same technology, high quality as the regular Lightstick. It features a smart fade-out function that automatically reduces brightness to maximize battery runtime, different modes for varying conditions, and a clip that lets it attach securely onto their jacket zipper, bag or a pocket. Available in two shapes, a glowing ghost and a bear.

Zipper light on bagCheck out the full kids collection here