The design principles about our products

The Design Principles Behind Our Products

Back in the early days at Bookman, we set about dreaming up a new vision for the design of our visibility products.

We found existing visibility and light products on the market to be very generic. The distinct lack of style in these clunky offerings suggested to us anyway that most bike lights don't even live up to the design standards of many bikes on the market.

So with the goal of striving for distinctly more stylish products that also offer usability and a satisfying user experience, we set to work defining a product design vision. That vision revolves around the concept of creating products that have a clear aesthetic expression in and of themselves.

Block Light - a small, compact bike light

Our design approach is one that weaves purpose with experience. Our meticulous design approach is one that forgoes the bells and whistles and gets straight to the question of delivering an optimal user experience, all in a design that's aesthetically pleasing. Here we fill you in on how we roll in the design room.

How We Evaluate the Design Process at Bookman

Every design decision we take has a reason. With the end-user experience and pleasing aesthetics as the primary drivers, we aim for designs that are simple to use and unobtrusive, but yet have a clear aesthetic personality of their own.

We believe that good designs should be unassuming while satisfying certain criteria. Both the functionality and usability of the product must meet the end user's expectations and needs. To ensure this, we disregard anything that can detract from its utility. We tailor our products to be both bold and remarkable without overdoing it.

 Curve Light - a high power, rechargeable bike light

"We tailor our products to be both bold and remarkable without overdoing it"
- Mattis Bernstone, Creative Director

One of the primary goals in our products is to leave room for the user's self-expression and provide them with a product with a clear aesthetic expression that, rather than overpowering them, actually empowers them.

User Experience Is What Drives Us

At Bookman, we're not about jumping headfirst into the latest trend or technological development just for the sake of it. We prioritize user experience over the inclusion of gimmicks. And with a design focus based on usefulness and application, we disregard features that can detract from the end-user experience.

Block Light - a small, compact bike light

"We prioritize user experience over the inclusion of gimmicks."
 - David Axelsson, Co-Founder

Rather than embracing the latest technological features, such as touch screens, hands-free on/off functions, and internet/smartphone/Bluetooth connectivity, we opt to focus on developing the functionality that really makes a difference to the end-user experience. 

Examples include buttons designed for use with gloves in sub-zero temperatures, and products with a durable construction for enhanced longevity so as it can withstand rigorous and constant use no matter the external conditions we subject them to.

Good Design Comes Down to the Details

We come from the heart of Sweden, and our Scandinavian design heritage undoubtedly shines through in our product development. And while we don't actively strive to abide by it's principles, it's in our DNA nonetheless. The resulting simplicity and functionality offered by our minimalist designs is one honed by consistently nailing the basic premises of effective design.

Clip on Reflector - A wearable magnetic reflector

We focus on the details that make a difference. Those that lead to an optimal user experience and ultimate satisfaction. We believe in leaving nothing to chance. By exercising care and accuracy, we demonstrate our unwavering ambition to honor the end-user experience with products that are intuitively obvious, self-explanatory, and simple to use while also being unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing.

Block Light - a small, compact bike light 

By staying true to our goals and developing authentically designed products, we avoid the common trap of manipulating our customers with innovations that ultimately don't serve their needs. With good, honest designs based on promises we can keep, we plan on delivering time and time again.

You can of course check out our full range of products right here. Each is intricately put together, with a simplistic and aesthetically pleasing design that combines personality and functionality. Whether it's our block lights, curve lights, or our eclipse lights, each combines usability with supreme aesthetics. And on our reflector range, whether it's our snap band, clip-on, or hanging designs, there's no lack of originality across a multi-coloured array of products that ultimately help you stay safer.

Here's to many more years of innovative product designs and serving you further!  // The Bookman Team