The Top Christmas Gift Ideas For Cyclists

The Top Christmas Gift Ideas For Cyclists

Are you looking for a stocking filler this Christmas for someone obsessed with life on two wheels? Whether you're looking for a gift for the budding bike commuter or a seasoned urban warrior, then here's our list of recommended gifts that'll help those you care about to stay visible, warm and safe in the winter months to come.

Christmas Gifts For The Security-conscious Cyclist

Urban commuters need a good set of lights, but they also need assurance that they can secure their pride and joy without fear of theft. Our friends over at Hexlox are experts in bike security and have developed a range of products that secure all bike parts including the saddle and wheels.

Hexlox offers security skewerswheel lockssaddle locks, and seat post locks, and they'll fit almost any bike. They come in a simple and intuitive design that's simple to use, minimally invasive and super discrete. The specially designed Hexloxs fit into existing bolts making theft impossible. And with a special key that's specific to the Hexlox, you can unlock access with one simple twist.

Ass Savers: Stay Protected In Wet Winter Weather

Ass savers

Ass Savers do one thing and they do it well; they protect your ass from dirt, mud and water as you ride in wet conditions. Their range of detachable mudguards offer protection front and rear and come in stylish designs that are easy and effortless to attach when required.

Many of us don't want the hassle of attaching a set of mudguards to our bikes, but with an Ass Saver, you forego the trouble with an easy-to-fit solution that allows you to fit your own protection in a matter of seconds when it's required.

I Am Run Box: Cycling Backpacks

With the mission of helping people fit more sport into their lives, I Am Run Box are the leading experts in backpack design. Their backpacks enable runners and cyclists alike to commute in style and comfort, and their cycling bikepacks equip cycling commuters with lightweight, waterproof backpacks in minimalist designs that combine convenience with style.

If you know someone facing the daily bike commute come the new year, then these backpacks make for the ideal protective and stylish companion.

Christmas Gifts for the Eco-conscious Cyclist

24 bottles

We all want to become more environmentally friendly, so why not forgo the paper coffee cups and plastic bottles for a lightweight stainless steel bottle from the 24 Bottle range? With several options available across their product range, you'll find water bottles as well as insulated designs that'll allow you to carry your tea or coffee as you make your way to the office.

The unique combination of form and function across their range of bottles help ensure a more sustainable lifestyle with no compromise on style!

A Tote Bag-Backpack Hybrid For The Lightweight Commuter

Our friends over at Notabag have come up with an innovative solution to a real-life problem; that of tote bags being impractical on a bike. With a range of competent tote bag-backpack hybrids, you can now ride out the urban commute in style without the hassle of trying to keep a tote bag on your bag. The Notabag quickly transforms from a tote bag into a backpack with a pull of the straps. Inside, there's an attached pocket that's perfect for your wallet or keys.

For added convenience, the bag folds back into the pocket when not in use, meaning you can stow it away easily. Notabag combines aesthetics and practicality into an eco-conscious design made from high quality, long-lasting materials, meaning it's the perfect gift this Christmas for eco-conscious cyclists who want to go a step further.

VOID Clothing: Layers For Winter Commutes

void knee warmers

VOID are a well-known Swedish brand who develop biking apparel for biking connoisseurs, fanatics as well as aspiring recreational riders. And if you're looking for an extra layer of warmth as the colder winter months arrive, then VOID's range of premium quality knee warmersleg warmers and arm warmers will add a welcome layer of protection on the frigid winter commute. VOID's clothing range has been continually honed through years of customer feedback to ensure they stand the test of time and meet the demands of modern urban riders.

Cycling Gifts For The Fashion-conscious this Christmas

Clip-on Reflectors

Our own Clip-on reflectors are the perfect companion for the style-conscious cyclists out there. These wearable reflectors have strong magnetic ends that ensure a secure bond to whatever garment you choose to attach it to. Designed for effortless and convenient use while cycling, running, or simply walking the dog, they make those twilight adventures that little bit safer. 

Christmas Cycling Gifts For Your Boyfriend or Dad

Eclipse black on cycling jersey

Our Eclipse lights offer stylish protection in a light with a clever clip-on design that enhances visibility and safety in low light conditions. Designed for use while riding, running or walking, the lights are rechargeable and come in high-powered designs available in black, green, pink, grey or beige. They clip securely onto any bag or garment and can be configured in red or white light mode for front or rear mounting.

What's more, with their compact and lightweight design, they're the perfect stocking filler for him this Christmas!

Cycling Gifts For Your Girlfriend or Mom

Reflective Stickers

They may not make you any faster on the city streets, but our reflective stickers will certainly help you stand out. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, and attach easily onto bikes or helmets that'll increase visibility in low light and help you stand out further in broad daylight.

If you know someone who wants to pimp their ride this Christmas, then our reflective stickers provide them with the means to do just that and more.

If you're planning on stuffing someone's stocking with cycling-related goodies this Christmas, then know that there's no limit to the ingenuity and imagination of many of those involved in making cycling safer, more attractive and ultimately more enjoyable for everyone.

Merry Christmas!